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I have developed this platform to handle an online voting for a general election. You can register as a voter by providing your name, mobile number, postal code and constituency. You will receiv... 07 Jul 2020, View: 6

Dear Kin Lian Tan, This is an invitation for you to own a luxury apartment from an amazing Beachfront Resort in the Southern coast of Sri Lanka overlooking the Indian Ocean.   Property F... 03 Jul 2020, View: 6

This report shows the global forecast for 2Q 2020 due to the impact of the corona virus pandemic.   ... 12 Apr 2020, View: 8

I prefer an income relief loan to be given to workers who are retrenched or suffer a drop of income during an economic downturn. The attached paper shows how the relief loan can work. It is based o... 10 Apr 2020, View: 7

It is worth a visit to see Forest City.  You can also stay at the Forest City Phoenix Marina Hotel. They have a promotion (up to April 2020) where they charge RM 280 for a hotel room with compl... 22 Dec 2019, View: 39

I share my experience in dealing with a sudden increase in water consumption.  In September, I received an utilities bill amounting to over $500. The normal monthly bill was $300. There was an... 27 Oct 2019, View: 26

Prior to 1999, the blue chip shares in Singapore were separated into local tranche and foreign tranche for trading in the stock exchange. The local tranche can only be held by local entities. The fo... 14 Aug 2019, View: 35

The business simulation game allows you to practice pricing and marketing of your product and to decide on the amount of stock that you need to keep. You are competing against other players in this... 06 Apr 2019, View: 8

  I have looked through the 197 page prospectus. Most of the information concern administrative matters or are general precautionary statements. The financial information are from page 134 to ... 26 Mar 2019, View: 25

When I was in primary 3, I did very well in my class. I get 100 marks for many subjects. My mother asked my uncle to speak to the principal of the school and asked if I can be double promoted, i.e.... 05 Mar 2019, View: 25