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Last year, I contacted an old friend (N) residing in Hangzhou, China. During our conversation, he mentioned about Blockchain technology and Bitcoin, which leads to the introduction of “AirB... 11 Apr 2019, View: 27

Many people think that a leasehold property will have no value when the lease runs out and a freehold property will have a value forever. They are willing to pay much more for a freehold property, com... 04 May 2018, View: 171

STORY STARTS IN 2004 I started paying attention to Bitcoin about four years ago. The daughter of my friend asked me if it is all right to invest in Bitcoin. The price had increased from US$100 to $... 06 Feb 2018, View: 147

Some people spend a lot of money to attend training courses on technical analysis. They tried to apply the techniques to read the price charts. But it is difficult to read the charts correctly, u... 17 Feb 2016, View: 329

These two books involving arranging of pieces to form shapes are good for training the mind in problem solving. They can be purchased from Additional plastic pieces can... 23 Jul 2015, View: 161

The police and insurance giant AIA are investigating claims by a semi-retired Indonesian businessman that his insurance agent sold him a non-existent insurance policy that cost a whopping US$5 m... 15 May 2015, View: 148

The false declaration of qualification by foreigners working in Singapore is a serious problem. Read this article.  Singapore faces serious problems that cannot be solved by the elites working... 29 Apr 2015, View: 99

Albert Tay shared this joke If the suit fits... Our beloved Senior Minister returned from a private visit to India with a small bolt of silk of extraordinary design. He consulted his tailo... 19 Apr 2015, View: 12

Bunching of buses It is quite common to see a few buses of the same service arriving at a bus stop within a short interval of each other. Often the second and following buses are relatively empty. ... 12 Apr 2015, View: 3

Here is a revised format for the financial projection.  This projection is for a young person starting work at 25. He saves $6,000 a year (CPF and personal savings) over 40 years. The saving i... 07 Apr 2015, View: 37