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Continue my life insurance policy? (PDF) ($ 4.00Category: PDF

Many people bought a life insurance policy as a long term investment without realizing that it provides a poor return on their regular savings.

When they realize this fact a few years later, they were stunned. How can so much of my accumulated savings be taken away from me?

This amount that is taken away is shown as "effect of deduction" in the benefit illustration that was given to them at the point of sale.

Most of them seek advice. What should I do with my policy? Should I continue it or terminate it? What is a better option to invest my savings?

I will show you how to get the answers to all of these questions in this book. It contains TWO CASE STUDIES.

If it is still not clear, you should seek the help of an independent financial adviser, and be prepared to pay a modest fee for the advice. It is worth spending the fee to get better outcome over the long run.