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Going to Johor Bahru: We will meet at Marsiling MRT (outside the gantry) at 11 am. Please be punctual.  We will cross the road to take bus 950 to Woodlands Checkpoint.  After clearing thr... 05 Jun 2022, View: 791

My friend (74 yo) asked me - how you keep mentally active. He said that his mind is now quite slow. He is afraid of dementia. Some of his elderly relatives have suffered from it. He said that it is... 10 Apr 2022, View: 841

A policyholder bought a life insurance policy 36 years ago.  He paid an annual premium of $799. At the end of 36 years, the surrender value is $56,035. The policy gave him a yield of 3.5% per ... 07 Apr 2022, View: 849

Someone asked me if I have any puzzle books that can help his mother to overcome mild dementia. I told him that another person bought the Logic9 book to encourage his father to practice the mind. ... 05 Apr 2022, View: 845

The teacher's kit comes with a book and 40 sets of plastic pieces, packed in individual zip lock bags. Two options are available  - Tangram (7 pieces) - Shape Quiz or T puzzle (4 pieces) ... 25 Mar 2022, View: 856

Calling all teachers - Pri 5 to Sec 4. Do you need a kit to conduct a class activity to teach creativity and problem solving to your students. Send an email to I will provide... 23 Mar 2022, View: 858

I develop a proof of concept website for an alternative to blockchain in ensuring the integrity of the database. At the end of each day, it downloads the data of the opening and closing balance of ea... 19 Mar 2022, View: 866

A limited set of these books are available for a limited period at a price of $8 (usual price $12), inclusive of postage.  Tangram Shape Quiz They are suitable for children. These books w... 12 Feb 2022, View: 897

This video shows the lucky dip software.  A business can invite its workers or customers to register for the lucky dip. The participant can take a lucky dip each day.  If they are l... 09 Feb 2022, View: 899