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1.        Current Process At present, I have to go through the following steps to submit an application to a service provider (e.g. bank, insurance company, utility... 29 Jan 2022, View: 911

I prefer an income relief loan to be given to workers who are retrenched or suffer a drop of income during an economic downturn. The attached paper shows how the relief loan can work. It is based o... 10 Apr 2020, View: 1475

  I have looked through the 197 page prospectus. Most of the information concern administrative matters or are general precautionary statements. The financial information are from page 134 to ... 26 Mar 2019, View: 1487

When I was in primary 3, I did very well in my class. I get 100 marks for many subjects. My mother asked my uncle to speak to the principal of the school and asked if I can be double promoted, i.e.... 05 Mar 2019, View: 1487

I studied in Raffles Institution from 1961 to 1965. The school was located at Bras Basah Road. I cannot remember much about my days in Raffles. I did well in my studies but was not the top student ... 05 Mar 2019, View: 1484

Dear Mr Tan, I have notice that public debt of Singapore economy is at 114,6, it is higher than the US. ref: There are only a ... 25 Feb 2019, View: 1522

My views on Budget 2019 can be summed up in two words - BORING, DISAPPOINTING. A BORING BUDGET The first word is - BORING. It is boring because it is like the budget for previous years. Veteran... 25 Feb 2019, View: 1481

REVISED (2): Hyflux has presented its restructuring plan for approval by the Court. See here. I present my calculations here. Based on the sum of $400 million paid by the Salim Me... 17 Feb 2019, View: 1515

I saw this news report sent to me in an email from AsiaOne. I was surprised that the article was in dated 1 June 2015. Why did AsiaOne send it to me now, in 2019? It is probably due to a ... 22 Jan 2019, View: 1472

I consider it to be the duty of a government to make sure that all its citizens are able to get a job that pay adequate wages to meet the cost of living in that country.   Here ar... 13 Jun 2018, View: 1468