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I develop a proof of concept website for an alternative to blockchain in ensuring the integrity of the database. At the end of each day, it downloads the data of the opening and closing balance of ea... 19 Mar 2022, View: 862

This video shows the lucky dip software.  A business can invite its workers or customers to register for the lucky dip. The participant can take a lucky dip each day.  If they are l... 09 Feb 2022, View: 895

I share my experience in using smart devices in my home.  I install Google Home in my living room, study and bed room. It allows me to send voice commands to the device. I can ask it to play m... 19 Dec 2020, View: 1315

I installed Google Home in my living room, bedroom and study. Each of the devices is connected to a magic cube (Aztech Kyla) that controls the aircon, TV and Starhub.  I give voice commands to... 23 Nov 2020, View: 1341

Here is the link for you to install the QR Easy app on your Android phone. It scans the QR code and display the webpage immediately. It is light weight and does not have any app. You can use it ... 27 Aug 2020, View: 1425

I submitted this paper to the Commission of Inquiry on the SingHealth hacking.   I have suggested the underlying method used by the hacker and the solution to overcome it.   I di... 25 Oct 2018, View: 1477

Published in Straits Times Forum Page, 23 Jan 2018 A member of my staff was called up for reservist duty recently. I asked him to apply to be paid directly by the Singapore Armed Forces for the ... 23 Jan 2018, View: 1469

1.  FIXED OR MOVING BLOCK The traditional train control system adopts a fixed block or moving block approach.  I use a different concept, which is out of the box. It is simple and ba... 30 Nov 2017, View: 1503

I am looking for a solution to an e-voting system. I will stored the votes in 3 separate servers, under the control of 3 independent parties. This will prevent the people in control of the primary ... 05 Nov 2017, View: 1453

I created this website to show how an electronic voting system can work in a country.   I used America as an example. However, the same concept can be used in other countries, inc... 03 Nov 2017, View: 1439