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A policyholder bought a life insurance policy 36 years ago.  He paid an annual premium of $799. At the end of 36 years, the surrender value is $56,035. The policy gave him a yield of 3.5% per ... 07 Apr 2022, View: 846

Hi Kin Lian, I have a query which I believe you will be the right person to help share your thoughts on. In my opinion, the current insurance industry product premium's are priced at a high fee. From... 22 Jul 2020, View: 1468

Dear Mr Tan, I come across a recent news report of a teenager who was killed in a car accident while riding in a Uber hired private car. From the news report published by The Straits Times dated Sept... 03 Oct 2016, View: 1944

During the 30 years that I was CEO of NTUC Income, I followed a simple but very important principle - the insurance products that are sold by NTUC Income should give good value to the policyholders, i... 22 Jun 2016, View: 2191

I have been consulted on a few occasions about rejected critical illness or medical claims. The policyholder contracts a serious illness and submits a claim. The insurance company checks with the hosp... 20 Feb 2016, View: 2304

A universal life policy is now being marketed by a few large insurance companies in Singapore. It was initially marketed only to high net worth people, but it is now sold to the broader market.&n... 20 Feb 2016, View: 1978

1. How much should you place as the sum insured when you insure your home? Your sum insured should be the cost of rebuilding your home in the event of a total loss, e.g. due to fire. It is based on... 20 Feb 2016, View: 1499

Taken from South China Morning Post website:   When an investment fund goes bad Thousands of people saw their life savings wiped out when the "low-risk" fund into which they had put their ... 20 Feb 2016, View: 1928

Dear Mr. Tan What are your views on the rent protection insurance for landlords? The premium is 1.25% of the annual rent. Payout is up to 4 months when tenant absconds for a 1 year tenancy. Exce... 20 Feb 2016, View: 1583

THE higher charges result from the increased costs of insurance cover as people age and the likelihood of  illness increases. The costs could end up soaring so much that they eat into... 20 Feb 2016, View: 1526