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Wealth management
Here are some tips to young people about wealth management. You need to be prudent and set aside savings. Invest them in an index fund. (Turn on the captions) (252)
What type of insurance do I need
I give my tip to a young lady who wonders if her current insurance is adequate. (519)
Dual currency investment
If you walk into a bank to place a fixed deposit, the bank officer may introduce this investment to you. You should avoid it. (229)
Compare First Website - Whole Life
Mr. Tan explains how to use to compare the whole life policies offered by insurance companies (160)
Buy an annuity
Mr. Tan explains how a life annuity works and shows the difference between a fixed term annuity, a life annuity and a guaranteed annuity. (512)
Invest in a property to be rented out
Here are the points you have to consider when you wish to invest in a property to be rented out. (458)
Buying a property
Mr. Tan gives his views about investing in a property in Singapore (576)
Have a balanced financial health
Mr. Tan give advice on how to prepare for retirement with a balanced financial plan (473)
Medishield Life and integrated plan
Mr. Tan explains the coverage of Medishield Life and how to decide whether to move to an integrated shield plan. (638)
Motor insurance
Mr. Tan explains the cover provided by a motor insurance policy and how you can get a lower premium. (231)
Critical Illness Policy
Mr. Tan explains about critical illness coverage and advise consumers not to spend too much money on this policy. (764)
Buying Life Insurance
Buy term insurance for 25 years, to get the best value. Invest your savings in an index fund. (1757)
Invest in an index fund
An index fund is most suitable as a long term investment. (591)
Financial Products sold by banks
As a customer, you should avoid investing in these products sold by a bank (451)
Financial Planning
Describes a financial plan for most young people, how much to save regularly and how to invest the savings (535)
Addresses the common questions asked by young people concerning insurance and investment. (525)