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REVISED (2): Hyflux has presented its restructuring plan for approval by the Court. See here. I present my calculations here. Based on the sum of $400 million paid by the Salim Me... 17 Feb 2019, View: 40

There are much discussion about how artificial intelligence will impact our lives in the future. Many people may be mistaken that AI is a technology that will only appear in the future. They did not r... 02 Feb 2019, View: 11

I saw this news report sent to me in an email from AsiaOne. I was surprised that the article was in dated 1 June 2015. Why did AsiaOne send it to me now, in 2019? It is probably due to a ... 22 Jan 2019, View: 7

This company offers a service to transport wheelchair users for medical appointments, family outings and other events. The use specially designed vehicles, which is safer and more comfortable for t... 31 Dec 2018, View: 14

What is the number of votes that gives a reliable indicator? My answer is 25. Here is an example. I asked the question - will you vote for Lee Hsien Yang if he stands in your constituency. ... 04 Nov 2018, View: 12

I submitted this paper to the Commission of Inquiry on the SingHealth hacking.   I have suggested the underlying method used by the hacker and the solution to overcome it.   I di... 25 Oct 2018, View: 22

For those who wish to know about the handyman that I recommend, his contact number is: Chua: 9488 4012 He speaks Mandarin and Teochew. When you use him, you can tell him that I recommended yo... 21 Oct 2018, View: 46

Watch this video interview FROM STEVEN CHEONG Let me start by stating that I’m not promoting any products! What I write to share below is based strictly on my own experiences and as such, I won’... 19 Aug 2018, View: 52

Explanation Additional feature Nadya solves the puzzle  ... 19 Aug 2018, View: 8

I consider it to be the duty of a government to make sure that all its citizens are able to get a job that pay adequate wages to meet the cost of living in that country.   Here ar... 13 Jun 2018, View: 11